Scott Simmerman, the creator of the Square Wheels tools, has presented workshops and seminars worldwide (38 countries so far...) on themes such as Change, Team Building, Process Improvement and Motivating People -- programs that receive exceptional praise. And we have distributed toolkits of these materials to thousands of trainers and consultants, developing a solid worldwide reputation for excellence.

Square Wheels

This series of illustrations represents the simplest and most powerful way we know of to involve and engage people in process improvement and implementing change. And confirmation of this has been consistently received from users since 1993.

Team Building

A proven, powerful and flexible tool for team building events, leadership training, retreats, management training and organizational development training. We also Rent the exercise for a one-time delivery!



We have sold hundreds of these exercises and have consultant users worldwide who have delivered the exercise to tens of thousands of people. We have users in almost every industry and a variety of educational institutions using it for teaching.